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  Products  Batter board scaffolds  Batter board scaffold Model 1
Perfect for every building site!

✘ Easy erection on every terrain and every surface
✘ High stableness also on extreme terrain structures e.g. sloping location

consisting of a tube, 48 mm Ø, 2.00 m long, with a welded peg and two movable fastening struts with pegs. With a tapered flat bar for holding levels. Two tapered flat bars for holding levels are supplied for the corners.

Order no. Description
12760 Batter board scaffold model 1
12761 Addition tube 1.00 m
12762 Addition tube 2.00 m
12763 Replacement peg
12764 Replacement peg
12765 Board bracket
12766 Eye bolt
12767 Feet pipe
12781 Corner board bracket

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