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  Products  Aluminium chimney scaffold  Aluminium chimney scaffold
The Mueba aluminium chimney scaffold may be used on roofs with slopes ranging from 30° - 60° and can be used on one platform level with 2,0 kN/m². It is a free-standing work scaffold made of lightweight aluminium components. Work up to a height of 4 m can be carried out easily because the platform levels can be hooked in at 25 cm intervals.
The rules for the prevention of accidents are to be kept!
Please follow the instructions for assembly and use!

Order no. Description
46601 Aluminium chimney scaffold model DK1
46602 Aluminium chimney scaffold model DK2
46603 Aluminium chimney scaffold model DK3
46604 Aluminium chimney scaffold model DK4
46605 Aluminium chimney scaffold model DK5

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