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  Products  Aluminium chimney scaffold  Individual parts for aluminium chimney scaffold
Several system parts are identical to Mueba mobile scaffold system parts. You can also upgrade your chimney scaffold to a mobile scaffold by purchasing mobile scaffold parts!

Order no. Description
11200 Roof scaffold ladder 3.00 m
11210 Ridge suspension gear
46004 Ladder frame 2.00 m
46006 Aluminium frame with flap model F
46007 Aluminium horizontal frame model F
46008 Diagonal strut model F
46010 Aluminium railing beam model F
46015 Standard clamp
46016 Rotary clamp
46031 Roof ladder with hanging up
46032 Flooring joists
46033 Ladder protection
46034 Roof scaffold bracket
46035 Railing framework 2.50 m
46036 Side protection, fold-away, 3-part
46037 Safeguard pipe
46038 Roof scaffold scaffold ladder 1.50 m

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