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  Products  Aluminium mobile scaffolds  Individual parts for mobile scaffolds Model 150
To the addition of the mobile scaffold system Model 150

Order no. Description
46006 Aluminium frame with flap model F
46007 Aluminium horizontal frame model F
46008 Diagonal strut model F
46009 Aluminium horizontal diagonal model F
46010 Aluminium railing beam model F
46035 Railing framework 2.50 m
46040 Ladder frame 2.00 m
46041 Ladder frame 1.00 m, without plug
46042 Castor protection model 150
46043 End edge board model 150
46044 Safety board model 150
46045 Bar for driving model 150
46046 Addition model 150
46072 Ladder frame 1.00 m, with plug
61039 Aluminium scaffold tube 3.00 m

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