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Our system parts are co-ordinated, we have the appropriate accessories.

Order no. Description
10520 Head plate
10521 Foot plate
10522 Head plate
10523 Foot plate
10524 Head plate
10525 Foot plate
10537 Grasps for post shore lock
10538 Support disks for post shores
10549 Brace clamp
15269 Stacking pallet 1.30 m, galvanized
15279 Universal pallet 1.43 m, galvanized
15289 Stacking pallet 1.50 m, galvanized
19469 Head for formwork props
19480 Tripod
19499 Tripod
19970 Spare pin 18 mm Ø with loop
19972 Spare pin 13mm Ø with loop

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