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  Products  Aluminium mobile scaffolds
Design features of müba aluminium mobile scaffolds:
müba mobile scaffolds meet the requirements stipulated in DIN 4422, HD 1004/04.92. For you this means a safe investment in the future. In the development of our Model 70 and Model 200 mobile scaffolds, we attached great importance to practical utilizability. Whether in building or industry, a correctly dimensioned mobile scaffold model is always available for your applications. A special design feature of Mueba mobile scaffold models is that all scaffold parts can be exchanged among each other. This means: You can easily upgrade a mobile scaffold model - e.g. Model 70/1 to another mobile scaffold model e.g. Model 200/8 later. Thus we guarantee economic efficiency for the future.

Characteristics of Mueba aluminium mobile scaffolds:

 Lightweight components
 Robust construction

Further design features of müba aluminium mobile scaffolds:
✘ Easy and fast assembly without tools
The ladder frames are simply inserted into each other. The diagonal braces, the backrests and the walk-through frames are hooked in with the safety claw.
✘ Lightweight
Excellent handling is guaranteed by lightweight aluminium parts. They can be transported with a passenger car or a trailer.
✘High utilizability
For indoor and outdoor work, on the wall or on the ceiling; we guarantee safety and economic efficiency.

Aluminium rolling trestle
Individual parts for all mobile scaffolds
Individual parts for mobile scaffolds Model 150
Individual parts for mobile scaffolds model 70/200
Individual parts for mobile scaffolds model 70/X-1
Mobile scaffolds Model 150     (Manual)
Mobile scaffolds Model 200/X-180
Mobile scaffolds Model 200/X-250
Mobile scaffolds Model 70/X-180     (Manual)
Mobile scaffolds Model 70/X-250     (Manual)

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