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  Products  Mobile fences and accessories   Mobile fence Model A
Order no.: 29350

Mobile fence model A, 3.50 m x 2.00 m

Stand pipe: 42.4 mm diameter
top - bottom cross tube: 33.7 mm diameter
Grating made of round steel: approx. 4 mm diameter

Model: A
Length: 3,50 m
Height: 2,00 m
Mesh size: 105 x 290 mm
Material: Steel
Surface: galvanized
Weight: 24,00 kg
Packing unit: 30 pc.
GS proofed: No

Type Order no. Description
Additional part 15170 Storage and transport rack for mobile fence
Additional part 29270 Mobile fence stand
Additional part 29310 Mobile fence foot with 6 holes
Additional part 29320 Concrete foot with 6 holes
Additional part 29340 Fastener set
Additional part 29341 Connector
Additional part 29380 Steel base plate
Additional part 29410 Peg with 2 sleeves
Additional part 39250 Gate castor
Additional part 61058 Sichtschutzplane blau
Additional part 61059 Sichtschutzplane weiss
Additional part 61079 Tie

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