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  About us
    The company mueba was created 1960 by Willi Mueller and Siegmar Baum. From smallest beginnings the todays Mueba group developed gradually and extended.  
    To the mueba group belonging today:  
    Company Mueba  
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Company TBL Company Scaffolding Badbergen
The main company mueba in Sundern Hachen with sales and purchase department.  
The company TBL of transportation GmbH in Sundern Westenfeld as suppliers.  
The company Scaffolding Badbergen GmbH as scaffold supplier.  
A fetching stock leipzig.  
The forwarding business Hillebrand as transport enterprises.  
    Productions and storage halls of all locations amount to approx. 40000 square meter on a total area of 136000 square meter. Altogether over 180 coworkers are employed. For the distribution of the products its own vehicle park stands for order.  
    In the years mueba to one of the prominent manufacturers within the range developed mueba article has itself construction equipments and scaffolds to find itself on nearly each building site. The extensive program, which high quality standard and the service mueba becomes a partner of the building industry. By good quality, solid price strategy, professional customer advisory service and always new developments Mueba is prepared for the future.  

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